The Nine Laws of Illian

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The Nine Laws of Illian

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  • The Nine Laws of Illian
  • 1. The word of an Illian Companion of rank 5 or higher while within the legal boundaries of Illian shall be assumed to be backed in trust by the full authority of the Laurel Crown and Council of Nine and may enforce law at their discretion.
  • 2. Citizens of Illian may request at anytime the protection of the Illian Companions when under duress from Shadowspawn, the Seanchan, or criminals of Illian. An Illian Companion may grant the citizen rights of asylum inside the City of Illian to include safe room privileges when necessary.
  • 3. Hunting of any warranted person by a member of a Justice clan within the lands of Illian may be done without asking permission, Illian will not be a refuge for villainy. This permission may be revoked by an active Illian Companion if they choose to grant rights of asylum to the hunted inside the City of Illian.
  • 4. Channeling the One Power is illegal within the City of Illian and violators will be fined up to 1000 gold crowns for the offense. Aes Sedai are exempt from this fine and have permission to channel inside the city. Accepted of the White Tower are only exempt if in the presence of an Aes Sedai or with the permission of an Illian Companion.
  • 5. Men who channel the One Power will be warranted without question. There is no form of appeal or clemency for any man who can channel.
  • 6. Known associates of any man assumed to channel the One Power will be warranted without question or hesitation.
  • 7. Any Criminal of Illian must submit to the King’s Justice in addition to any task or fine assigned when asking for a pardon for their crimes.
  • 8. All enemies of the Laurel Crown will be warranted. There is no form of appeal or clemency for any person sworn into the service of a Nation at conflict with Illian. Current enemies of the Laurel Crown: Seanchan Empire.
  • 9. Anyone caught assisting an enemy of the Laurel Crown will be warranted and treated as a criminal of Illian. This includes providing food or water, adventuring, or any other service that aids or abets.

drafted by His Majesty Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar’s royal scribe and ratified by the Council of Nine this day, the ninth of Tammaz 1208

defined under law 3 an organization deemed a “Justice” clan is one of the following: The Lion Warden of Andor, The Cairhien Rising Sun, The Winged Guard of Mayene, The Wall Guard of Far Madding, The Red Eagles of Manetheren, The Sword and Hand of Bandar Eban, and the Valon Guard of Tar Valon. (including the organization known as the Thiefbane)