Trained Corlm

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Trained Corlm

Post by Itesh » Sat Feb 16, 2019 6:27 am

The brave, if scar-covered men and women of the morat'corlm have stepped up their training programme in an effort to further the Corenne!

Trained corlm now:

A: eat rats, ravens and crows on percent
B: can be command for forage for food or water, making them fun survival buddies.

Have fun!


If you buy a corlm from a petshop, it will still murder shadoweyes, but nothing else. You will also be able to issue it orders as per usual.

If you are unclanned, and come across one of the many trained corlm roaming Falme and the outpost, show them a bit of meat and they will follow you - and will be able to forage.

If you are a member of the morat'corlm, just whistle at the bird.

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