A new source of Turn Points

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A new source of Turn Points

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:30 pm

Several new sources of turn points have been added to the game to offset some of the turn points leaving the game for the upcoming weapon crafting system:

Contested smobs

The following smobs considered to be in contested areas will award 1-2 turn points to whichever side hits them: Kural, Winding Brigands, Master Torturer, Najdeer, Forest Dwellers, Gorthel, Imrysa Doberak.

Notable patrols

The following patrols in northern pk areas will award 1-3 turn points to the opposing side: Ilsae, Ragan, Fade pats in camp, Kajin, Commy, FD fade, Granlin, Siffas, Officer of the Borderlands (chachin)

City heads

The following city heads or targets of interest are worth 3-20 turn points depending on difficulty: Uno, Lord Agelmar, Queen Tenobia, Amrylin Cadsuane, Queen Morgase, King Alsalam, the Panarch, King Ailron, King Galldrian, First Berelain, Mattin Stepaneos, King Roedran, Lord Silvak, Lady Suroth, Sheldan lo'Shea, the Empress of the Nine Moons, Dreadlord Jerioz, Blarg, Shaidar Haran, Moridin, H'Krreth, Boghag, Akkad, Ganal, Erorar, Fidrag, Maeltor


The following capture the flag cities will award 3-5 turn points upon being retaken: Baerlon, Jehennah, Kandori Fort

In addition, all capture the flag patrols will award 1 turn point upon being retaken. These will be CLOSELY monitored and if there is any sign of abuse, heavy punishments will be dealt.

Turn points are awarded to all players alive in the room when the specified mob is killed, or CTF is reclaimed. Reward amounts are subject to change, and more sources of turn points may be added in the future. Report any apparent bugs to Palaemon via PM with a log of what happened.

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