Baerlon changes.

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Voices of the Wheel
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Baerlon changes.

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:46 pm

Oddly enough, the most recent changes put us somewhere back on a very old track.

Those of you who were in the Tel'aran'rhiod Maradon can attest to there being copies of at least that city. There are other such copies, e.g. Ko'bal Keep held by the Light, Shadowheld Caemlyn and so on. I suspect the original intent was as with the Kandori Fort, but alas, it never took off due to a lack of coding.

Now, we're somewhat back on that age old track, though, with Baerlon becoming a full Capture the Flag city, in much the same way as Jehannah is. Meaning it has a neutral rent, neutral armorer and neutral grocer*. Ultimately, when faced with the choice between Whitebridge and Baerlon, Baerlon won, because it's not quite as crucial for pk, location wise. Whitebridge being *oL held did present some problems, so we went with Baerlon, instead. I looked at Aringill too, as that isn't officially part of Andor, but its proximity to Caemlyn would probably have made for a bad situation, so Baerlon it was.

You can make Baerlon change hands by killing its governor and scalping him/her, but of course you have to get access to the mansion first.

The city can be held by:
Children of the Light

I'm sure there will be some oddities, as doing this in an operational city was pretty hard.

An additional way to reach the city walls has been added, to allow people to leave more easily.

EDIT: the scalps of the governor mobs can be exchanged into chunks at the taxidermist, then turned in for 1 qp per chunk at the bounty hunter.

*The merchant guards with the shop mobs will be removed the repop after DS takes the city.

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Re: Baerlon changes.

Post by Elysia » Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:12 pm

Turns out that... you guess it... (justice) coding... is preventing the rent being neutral. Andor warranted can't rent. Not sure if I can make a work around.

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