DO NOT let your mud client auto-reconnect - BAN warning

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DO NOT let your mud client auto-reconnect - BAN warning

Postby Tlaloc » Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:55 am

TL;DR - Auto-Reconnect (ARC) could unintentionally result in a permanent ban. Set your client up so that it does not auto-reconnect.

A system has been put into place to help increase security and stability which will detect failed attempts to connect, and if there are too many, will BAN YOU AT THE FIREWALL LEVEL. This is an automated, hard coded system, and we will not be able to unban you or help you out, even if we really really wanted to.

Examples of when this typically happens for players:

* Allowing auto-reconnect to run during alt times between characters
* Going afk and losing link for whatever reason, and ARC starts running
* Falling asleep at the keyboard
* Losing link due to reboot and allowing ARC to run
* Losing link due to a crash and letting ARC run to ping the server until we are up
* Trying to use auto-reconnect to race past the 'multiple logins' message

And other situations that I cannot imagine, but might result in you unintentionally pinging the server repeatedly, and unfortunately getting auto-blocked. This means forever, and I repeat, we cannot unban you, even if we want to.

Obviously we want you here, but this is deemed a necessary security measure, so please be advised.

Tell your friends!

Set your mud client so that it does NOT auto-reconnect if you lose link, quit out, or rent.

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Re: DO NOT let your mud client auto-reconnect - BAN warning

Postby Elysia » Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:55 am


We've had two people affected by this. Watchers or Staff can't undo this sort of ban, it takes one of us alerting Flash and him taking a look at it.

As a tip, if you want a guideline on when you can log back on, use zmud/cmud's tick timer, or see if your client has a similar feature.

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