The Isle of Mad Men

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The Isle of Mad Men

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:24 pm

Lightning sizzles through the air, striking one of many stone obelisks on the Island. An enormous monolith reaches to the sky, standing out from the obelisks, carved from solid granite. Deep below the monolith, a dark mist rises from the cracks in the stone. Salan Mondoran smirks from atop his throne, laughing into the darkness. The taint had overtaken his mind long ago. He glances nervously to the black stone chest beside him...would they come to claim his precious treasures? He would be waiting for them. Ready to spring his trap.

The Isle of Mad Men has undergone some significant changes:

- All water rooms have been removed from both zones
- All loot on the island has been significantly increased
- Sneering man has been moved to Salan's former location
- The insane wilder's location has been changed, she will now wander the southern end of the Island (and has an appropriate loot table)
- You will have to collect items from the four other smobs on the island to gain access to Salan, who is in a newly created area on the Island
- Note that the door to Salan will lock behind you, and not open unless you successfully kill him.
- There will be other ongoing minor adjustments as well

Have fun! Report any bugs to Palaemon.


Re: The Isle of Mad Men

Post by Palaemon » Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:51 pm

As an update, dying inside of the final encounter will result in your equipment being dropped outside of the final smob door (in the puzzle room). Note that some of the mobs outside are scavengers, so you may have to claim things from them. This is a compromise for wiping on the final smob, which previously would likely end in the whole party losing their equipment. Also note you will have to start the smob chain over if you fail.

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