The Katar expert weaponsmith and Tarendrelle spiders.

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The Katar expert weaponsmith and Tarendrelle spiders.

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:06 pm

We noticed issues with people camping at Katar right after boot in order to craft the superior weapons there. Since we deemed that unfair to players in other places on the map, the expert weaponsmith has been changed. It will now:
  • Load a total of ONE dagger and ONE spear per boot.
  • Allow one item to be crafted every zone repop.
  • You will have a % chance to craft the superior dagger or superior spear, if it hasn't already been made that day, instead of the previous 100% rate.
  • The weaponsmith will let you know if anyone has already crafted a superior dagger or spear, if you ask him about a superior weapon.
In a similar vein, people with the right play time had an easier time getting a good load off Tarendrelle spiders.

This has been changed so you will always get something out of it, but twice a boot you have a % chance to get the good load.

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