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Taxidermist and bounty hunter collude to reward for city heads.

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:23 pm
by Voices of the Wheel

A new fun function has gone in that seeks to offer a reward for hitting city heads to more than just the person winning the lottery.

The taxidermist will split the city head scalps into 10 smaller chunks.
  • A taxidermist has been added to Katar and a twisted butcher to Stronghold.
  • Say help or instructions/instruct me to get a list of which scalps he will split into chunks.
The bounty hunter will award 1 or 2 qps for these chunks, depending on the kill.
  • Bounty hunters have been added to Falme, Lugard and Lockshear.
  • Say bounty to get a list of which scalps he awards for.
  • If you are the unlawful or warring LS type, you will find you will get a reward for silencing your sameside cityhead opponents as well.
  • Some targets will yield 1 qp, others 2 qps.
  • He awards unclanned 100 or 200 gcs, depending on target.
Note: you may only turn in TWO chunks of each scalp per RL day. This is to encourage people to split these chunks fairly, and not have one person run off with them. Also note, these are retools, so storing them and spreading out the turn ins isn't going to work.