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Work in Progress--Tanchico

Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:38 pm
by Voices of the Wheel
Tanchico is being consolidated back into one zone and the western Seanchan owned part of the city has been abandoned. Mobs, bandits, and shops will be relocated as the city shrinks in size.

The Seanchan rent will be connected to Falme for an interim amount of time to allow individuals to withdrawl their rents and the Run-down Inn has been connected to the eastern side of the city for the same purpose.

***The bandits have made their way up the Tanchico raid and made use of a bear cave as one of their lairs to prey on unsuspecting travelers.

***The tactician clerk has moved to a Square Behind the Palace.

***A slender woman has made her way to the Verana Tavern.

***Selindrin has moved her shop to an alley off the Andahar.

***The Master Blacksmith has relocated to off the Andahar.

~~The floating docks of the Calpene have attached themselves to the Verana to allow boat traveler to and from Tanchico.