Ruins of Rhahime Nialle

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Ruins of Rhahime Nialle

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:10 pm

Sludge marred down the lanes of the town and the city, ruined and aged, stilled down into mud. The hunter looked down and read the tracks easily. The elusive two-headed serpent had slithered into the ruins of the city. Some of the caverns and tunnels were still unreadable; he joyed at the intersections where he could make out that zigzagging pattern in the ground. He would find his prey by the end of the day and his family would rejoice; though they were terribly poor, he was a great hunter with many fantastic trophies.

Through the caverns and into a corner of the manor he caught the beast in a corner. He pieced together the ramshackle wood and made a brokengate where he could trap his victim. He entered quickly, silently and closed the door. The snake fought, did not run, and died.

That night he mounted the scalp of a two-headed serpent on his wall as his sickly infant cried itself to sleep.

Changes to rooms have happened throughout the ruins of Rhahime. Be aware and keep yourself informed lest the lack of information kills you.

~ Wotmud Staff

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