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Horse naming after purchase.

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:15 pm
by Voices of the Wheel
You can already name horses when you buy one, but once stabled that was impossible, until now.

For a small fee (1-3 gcs) LS can re-name their warhorse, bloodstock or Domani razor in Four Kings at the stables of the Dancing Cartman inn.
For a small fee (1-3 gcs) SS can re-name their warhorse, bloodstock, Domani razor or, if clanned there, their torm or armored stallions in Falme, east of the stables.

Lead your current warhorse etc. to the room and:

Where x is: warhorse, bloodstock, razor, armored, torm.

Be sure to remove any horse eq and have sufficient cash in your inventory, else your current horse will be purged and you will not get the named horse in return.