Queen Alliandre thanks the Lord Dragon.

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Queen Alliandre thanks the Lord Dragon.

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:32 pm

Queen Alliandre turned away from the window that overlooked the palace gardens and driveway and curtseyed before Bardomir Lazar, the man who had proclaimed himself as the Dragon Reborn in Altara many years ago. The city of Jehannah, capital of Ghealdan, had recently been overtaken by the Shadow and the Dragon and his forces had marched and liberated the city. At this point, she did not care whether he was the Dragon Reborn or a False Dragon, he had come at a very opportune time and she would treat him as if he was the Dragon Reborn until proven otherwise. Bardomir Lazar and his Dragonsworn would be welcome to stay in Ghealdan for as long as it took.

  • Jehannah, a three-way Capture The Flag city, for Lightside, Darkside and Seanchan. This is Elmora-Reborn. :idea: To makes it switch sides, kill the final smob and scalp.
  • The revamped half of northern Altara that was previously cut off.
  • A representation of the town of Remen in a new location.
  • A new location for the Altaran Kingpin smob.
  • A new location for the Altaran fade in the lake.
  • A new location for the dagger crafting guild.
  • A new location for the spinning and weaving crafts.
  • New locations for the Seanchan lords quest.
  • New locations for the Lightside lace quest.
  • Herb loads have been moved, new easter eggs implemented.
Saying goodbye to:
  • The zone that previously held Dragonsworn base in the northern Mountains of Mist has been extracted. The zones on either side have been connected so the travel time across the mountains has been shortened.
  • The stretch of zones covering Deven Ride to Remen.
~WoTmud Staff

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