Code Updates - and Damane Release

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Code Updates - and Damane Release

Post by Itesh » Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:37 am

Sul'dam do we get to do big, exciting new things, which is a'dam shame. This one has been six months in the making, so it's about damane time to release it ARE YOU HAPPY AUSTIN WITH YOUR PUNS I'M NOT YOUR PERFORMING MONKEY! Urgh.

I suppose the leash I can do is tell you filthy Oathbreakers about it:

  • The [Damane] clan has been created, and our damane players have been moved into it. As you know, the thematic integrity of the game is of huge importance to us, so in order to create the most lore-accurate rank names Rhydian and I spent literally minutes throwing darts at a bag of scrabble letters - which is more or less how RJ created the Old Tongue in the first place.
  • Damane players (but not their NPCs, we're not animals) are now leashed to a sul'dam at all times. Damane do get a reprieve when they are dead, or standing in an Immortal's godroom, but aside from that their presence is constant. They have been specifically coded to maintain firm and unblinking eye-contact in rooms flagged [TOILET], and they constantly evaluate damane behaviour for the moral turpitude we've come to expect from you.
  • Rest assured that if a damane is foolish enough to disobey the Empress by dying early, their sul'dam will make a solid attempt at escaping. Remember, a sul'dam is a valuable Imperial citizen! New marath'damane fleshbags are ten-a-copper.
  • Just to be clear, a damane death is more an issue of property damage than murder. Similar to when your parents deliberately smash your pet rock to teach you a valuable lesson about love and the innate evil of humankind, leading to an inability to trust and a string of failed relationships that leave you empty and cold and in a position of authority on a text-based game.
  • Look, I know RP is difficult. It's hard to really sink yourself into a role, live the life of your character - really commit to the art, to the craft. So we've coded your sul'dam to speak for you, to lift that unbearable burden.
  • They narrate for you too. Bet that never gets annoying.
Light Factions
All members of Light factions can now filter the wholist by race - eg who human, who seanchan, who aiel and who ogier.

The 'where' command for Imms now also notates player race, thus making it easier to balance cross-faction mobraids and the like.

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