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Code Updates!

Post by Itesh » Sun Mar 15, 2020 5:33 pm

As of reboot:

Quality of Life:
  • Flails and Lances added to list of things it's possible to mend with oilstone/sandstone respectively, thus massively improving their quality of life. And maybe yours.
  • Zone sense will now work properly for Red Eagles, and anyone else beset by the strange, mysterious affliction that befell them.
Clan Changes:
  • For(r)ester masters now have the title 'Elder' - just like youthful Mormons.
  • The Imperial Army, having never suffered a loss (shut up), will now be known as the Ever Victorious Army, and its clan list will encompass all Seanchan forces barring the Deathwatch Guard, who are unpopular loners and too cool for your special club anyway. High Lady Suroth has taken over as 'Commander of the Hailene', having consulted her calendar.
  • The Deathwatch are now known as the Deathwatch Guard, because their full name is both Big and Important. Their ranks no longer make no sense whatsoever and instead make some, but not all, sense whatsoever.
  • A Valon Guard, drunk and all hopped up on Two Rivers tabac accidentally fell into a library and landed face-down in an Old Tongue dictionary. "Hold up, lads!", he cried. "Apparently 'valon' means 'guard'. Are we the 'Guard Guard'?". He was bundled into a sack and drowned in the river by members of the shiny, and not at all new, definitely always been that way (shut up) Tower Guard, whose rank names didn't all reference flames.
  • Lion Wardens no longer guard lions, but instead guard the Queen as the Queen's Guard. Their ranks have been mildly reworked to be a bit less "rank 1, Field Marshal, rank 2, Overlord of the Known Universe".
  • Double R fixed in [For(r)ester]. Foresters now 50% less piratey.
  • Seanchan clan lists now visible only to actual Seanchan again, in preparation for reversion. I apologise for the period of inconvenience this is going to cause you.
  • Minor revisions to morat'raken ranks. Less Blood, more cool.
  • Minor revisions to morat'torm ranks. Less Blood.
  • [Dreadguard] changed to [Dreadlord]. There's no such thing as a Dreadguard.
  • All ranks of the Mandarb a'Shar changed by the clan's request. Anyone who knows what the ranks are has been left in a ditch, bleeding out.
  • Well dip me in silverpike guys and call my mother a sailor, Siuan Sanche added as clan head for all Ajahs. Silverpike.
  • Masema Dagar added as head for Dragonsworn, as Prophet of the Dragon.

  • 22 helpfiles moved to the correct level for viewing so all we can all stop pretending we know what we're doing and actually find out how to do the things we're doing properly.
  • It is now slightly easier for Imms to hear you whisper to mobs when you want some live roleplay - so please continue to do that.

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