Warranting Rules Update

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Warranting Rules Update

Post by Vehruer » Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:41 pm


The recent thread regarding the Sal Cav laws has led to various policies being clarified at Watcher level.

At the outset, it must be noted that Sal Cav did follow correct procedure in this matter. The below is simply a result of subsequent discussions.

Henceforth, the very clear intention behind all warranting rules is this:

With the exception of warranting rule 1 - attacks on your own person - see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=300, you may only enforce your nation's laws for actions that occur WITHIN your own borders, which borders are marked by borderstones. Let us know if you can't find or don't have borderstones for your nation.

You may only BANISH someone for law-breaking actions that occur WITHIN your own borders and which banishments are to be commensurate with the incident.

You may not rely on treaties to cross-warrant people.

You may choose to blanket warrant/banish certain clans - if you're not sure if this one applies to you, please post in your forums or mail the Immortals.

It is fully intended that much more of the map be contested lands, not subject to any rule.

It is intended that a player, no matter how notorious, cannot suffer warrants or banishments from lands in which he or she does not commit any crimes.


Whilst Immortals appreciate that some players enjoy crafting laws for their clans, we ask that players consider paring back their laws and reducing the modern day legalese that has crept in to laws that have been posted.

There is a lot to be said for the laws of nations being vastly simplified. Whilst not an edict at this stage, we would encourage clans to consider laws as simple as:

1. You may not lay harm to, or steal from, any person whilst within our nation.
2. You must abide by any direction given to you from a member of our clan whilst within our nation.
3. You must abide by any edicts made by 'our ruler' whilst within our nation.

Rule 2 then gives all your clan's members the ability to police events as they arise, rather than crafting laws that are pages and pages long trying to cover all foreseeable events.

If a clan member oversteps the mark in their zealousness, that's where clan Councils become useful, followed by appeals and notes to Watchers.

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