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Regarding Uniques.

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:45 pm
by Elysia
This has been long alluded at on Discord and ingame, and this was the last chance to prevent this from happening:

Unfortunately, when 3 out of all the players who have uniques show their uniques to the mobs semi-regularly over the past 3 months, that doesn't save any work. Meaning I still have to spend 30 mins a month, every month, finding out if they're played. That's just a skewed amount of time spent for such a small group of players.

Because of this, we will be removing most uniques. A handful will stay in play, primarily the eversharp ones. Vampa has already removed the Blue Scourge of Justice from the game and I expect that other uniques will follow.

Most of you who are on Discord already knew, but I'm posting here too so someone won't come along in a year and go "where are all the uniques?!".