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A place for Immortals of the game to post changes in policy or other relevant announcements for the game.
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Code Updates

Post by Itesh » Sun Aug 25, 2019 2:27 am

Player Side:
  • Clanned Seanchan should drawl and are thus made great again.
  • Clanned Seanchan should see EMPIRE and KIRENDAD warrants
  • Master title changed to Master/Mistress where appropriate for:
    • Gleemen
    • Illuminators
    • Wisdoms (although note that if someone clans a man they are still getting mastered as 'Mistress', you're welcome)
    • Kandori Merchant Guild
  • Added custom council strings for:
    • Children and Hand of the Light
    • Red Eagles
    • Wisdoms (although note that if someone clans a man the title changes to 'Village Idiot')
    • Kandori Merchant Guild (not that they have council, but planning ahead like a smartsy)
    • Illuminators
    • Illian Companions
    • Winged Guard

Immortal Side:
  • Fixed double period in /damage healing message that was rendering game literally unplayable.
  • Zone sense for rank 8 now toggleable by flag.
  • Added a bunch of new, appropriate flags, so we can stop using old, inappropes flags for things.

If anything is obviously broken, let me know.

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