Master Quests and You

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Master Quests and You

Post by Elodin » Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:55 pm

In an effort to provide players with the most timely master quests that we can, the Immortal Staff has slightly changed the way players go about requesting promotion. What you need to know:
  • Once you reach 1000 qps, you should mail an in-character mail to the Staff group here on forums.
  • You will (hopefully) be contacted by your clan Watcher within weeks of mailing Staff.
  • If you have not heard anything after a month has gone by since your mail, please send another mail to Staff and any available Watcher can step in.
This is mainly aimed at mitigating orphaned clans which have no Watcher and may be left to linger for extended periods, but it will also cover all clans across all sides. Please follow the above guidelines and do not "spam" Staff with inquiries if you happen to wait a month - we will see the initial mail and keep track of the quest's progress.

Thank you and happy MUDing!

Note: if you currently have an outstanding master quest pending, feel free to follow the above procedure and mail Staff.

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Re: Master Quests and You

Post by Elysia » Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:16 pm

Bumping this because Staff has noticed over the past few months that many players just mail short OOC mails like:

"I have 1000 qps, can I get a quest?"

If you are mailing your clanimm, or Staff, for a master quest, you are essentially asking your clan head mob to give you more responsibility/ a reward for service. It has always been a requirement that this is done ICly, but standards have slipped tremendously. Consider this an attempt to set people on the right track again.

The advantage of slightly longer mails is that you can tell us something about your character. Where do they stand in life, what are their main pursuits? Do they have a grudge against Seanchan due to having seen women carried off with a leash? Were your parents killed by Dha'vol, Ko'bal or a dreadlord? These are all things we can use to provide a unique and personal experience and they usually serve as inspiration.

Or in other words, if you mail us a generic request, chances are you will get a generic quest. Sometimes we will also cater to requests such as "I like puzzles" or "I like exploring". The more you give us, the more of a quest that is up right your alley you are likely to receive!

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